Ioana Tăut

Ioana Tăut is a Romanian photographer based in Berlin.

Ms. Tăut’s work focuses on two fundamental methods: digital and instant film photography. Her main photographic interests lie in both music photography and in fine art work. Both subjects originate from feelings and moods rooted deep within her.

Music has played a major role in her life since she was a young child, to such a point that in many ways it has come to define her personality. Ms. Tăut started photographing concerts out of pure passion, but has developed into something much more significant in time. Photographing live performances allows Ms. Tăut to get close enough to the artists, to feel their emotions and to try to capture and perpetuate those emotions in her photography.

Ms. Tăut’s work using instant film is based on a free artistic approach. Instant film supports this approach because its very nature allows for the creation of a specific, beautiful, and almost otherworldly atmospheres. It is this element that is of most interest to Ms. Tăut. In her work with instant film, which covers a number of wide-ranging subjects including music, flowers, cityscapes, and a series which specifically focuses on piers, she strives to uncover, reveal, and capture beauty in simplicity. Her goal is to discover and share these simple meanings with the viewer, in the hope that doing so may enrich their lives or otherwise cause them to view the surrounding environment in a new way.